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Independent Tutor
  • Basic Tutor Plan

  • $15/mo
    • Build your tutoring business by Advertising on our site.
    • Display your qualifications, education, head-shot & "About Me" page.
    • Clients can leave reviews and ratings.
    • You collect 100% of your earnings.
    • Dedicated Customer Support.
Virtual Classroom Setting
  • Teach a Class

  • $15/mo
    • Create and manage your courses using our Learning Management System.
    • Create flexible, safe, accessible and highly engaging online spaces for your learners.
    • Access your classes  anywhere on our Mobile App.
    • Administration Fee just 25% of your student enrollment fees.
    • Dedicated Customer Support
Virtual Classroom + Faculty
  • Ultra Plus Plan

  • $30/mo
    • Access Group Faculty meetings to network and share information.
    • Email account.
    • Video conferencing account.
    • Create and manage your courses using out Learning Management System
    • Dedicated Customer Support
    • Access on mobile App.
    • Administration Fee just 25% of student enrollment fees.